Online CSS Authoring Tool. «Sky CSS» allows you to create CSS classes almost without using manuscript code. JavaScript compatible browser is needed for the proper functioning. For more information, see «How to use» section.

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How to use «Sky CSS Tool»

«Sky CSS Tool» was tested with following browsers:

Mozilla FireFox ver. 1.5, Microsoft IE ver. 6.0, Opera ver. 8.51, Netscape ver. 7.0

Use of the tool has some features. In the left column you should choose CSS selector properties which are needed to be defined. If necessary selector is lacking in the list, then you should add it. For that operation you should enter its name in the area under list and press «Add» button. Selectors that are not used in style sheet can be deleted by pressing «Remove» button. You should remember that in the resulting code represented only these selectors which have at least one modified field. Generated code can be viewed by pressing «CSS» button.

Note: Opera generates CSS code within «alert» message box.

Red colored text within input box indicates that numerical value is not defined with length units. Such attributes are ignored when CSS code is generated.
Font families may be assigned by a specific font name or a generic font family
Font family
The font-size property is used to modify the size of the displayed font
Font Size
The line-height property sets the distance between lines
Line Height
This property allows authors to specify an aspect value for an element. More...
Font Size Adjust
The font-weight property is used to specify the weight of the font.
Font Weight
The font-variant property determines if the font is to display in normal or small-caps
Font Variant
Font Stretch
The font-stretch property condenses or expands the current font-family
Text Decoration
This property describes the appearance characteristics of text.
Underline Overline
Line-through Blink
Text Alignment
Text Transformation
White Space
The white-space property sets how white-space inside an element is handled.
Text Indent
This property is used to indent the first line of a block of text
Letter Spacing
Word Spacing
Color (Foreground Color)
Background Color
Background Repeat
Background Attachment
Background Image
Background Position
List Style Position
List Style Image
List Style Type
Places an element in a static, relative, absolute or fixed position.
Specifies the left edge of an element
Sets how far the top edge of an element is above/below the top edge of the parent element
Specifies the right edge of an element
Specifies the left edge of an element
This property specifies whether a box should float to the left, right, or not at all
Sets the vertical alignment of an element
Vertical Alignment
The cursor property specifies the type of cursor to be displayed when pointing on an element.
The display property sets how an element is displayed
The visibility property sets if an element should be visible or invisible
Sets the stack order of an element
This property specifies whether the content of a block-level element is clipped when it overflows the element's box
This property indicates which sides of an element's box may not be adjacent to an earlier floating box
Sets the shape of an element. The element is clipped into this shape, and displayed.
The margin property sets the margins of an element. This section sets the same margins for all sides.
Sets the left margin of an element
Margin Left
Sets the top margin of an element
Margin Top
Sets the right margin of an element
Margin Right
Sets the bottom margin of an element
Margin Bottom
An element's padding is the amount of space between the border and the content of the element.
Sets the left padding of an element
Padding Left
Sets the top padding of an element
Padding Top
Sets the right padding of an element
Padding Right
Sets the bottom padding of an element
Padding Bottom
The width property sets the width of an element.
The min-width property is used to constrain the minimum width of an element. More info
Min Width
The max-width property is used to constrain the maximum width of an element.
Max Width
The height property sets the height of an element
The min-height property sets the minimum height of an element
Min Height
The max-height property sets the maximum height of an element
Max Height
Sets the style of the four borders, can have from one to four styles
Border Style (Same For All)
Sets the width of the four borders, can have from one to four styles widths
Border Width (Same For All)
Border Color (Same For All)
Left Top Right Bottom
Border-Collapse specifies border rendering mode. More...
Border Collapse
The border-spacing specifies the distance between the borders of adjacent table cells in the "separated borders" model
Border Spacing
Specifies on which side of the table a table-caption box will be placed.
Caption Side
The empty-cells property determines whether a border will appear around any empty cells in a table.
Empty Cells
This property specifies whether table headers are spoken before every cell
Speak Header
Sets how the browser renders tables.
Table Layout